A better, simple and stress free way to communicate and order catered food from home cooks and chefs within your community.

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Are you a foodie who wants to try something new?

By now you are probably bored of tv dinners and fast food. You even tried looking for home cooks around but lack of information about the cook and their menu kept you away. Now you have OPENCATER!

Who is it for?
Diners, foodies, out-of-home students or working professionals, party organizers and more.

Are you passionate about cooking your authentic recipe?

Feeling your best created dishes aren't reaching its prospective foodies? Want to be liked for your culinary skills? Wait no more! become a Cook at OPENCATER today and spread your passion for food!

Who is it for?
Home cooks, professional or student chefs, small to large scale restaurants, food trucks / stands and more.

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